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2 Things I Am Asking Parents To Do

It has been some time since I directly communicated with the parents of our youth and I wanted to begin this school year saying thank you. THANK YOU for your support, understanding, generosity and acceptance while I have transitioned into the Dayspring Youth Ministries Coordinator over the last 12 months and learning how to tackle this “mom” thing to our 1-year-old daughter. Your kindness extended to my family has meant so much to us. For some of you, I have not had the opportunity to meet, and my prayer is the 2022-2023 school will provide us opportunities to interact as parents.

While it was my first year with your youth, it was also a first year for many of them – going to church for the first time in almost two years, socializing in person with peers, having activities on the schedule outside the home, making new friends, seeing other people’s face without a mask. We will never know what it has been like to be a teen going through a pandemic; what we can take comfort in is knowing Dayspring can provide experiences, places and relationships that will allow them to grow from this.

As my first year had its ups and downs, its learning curves, and some surprises, I want to express how excited and confidently I am entering this school year with fantastic experiences in place. Some things will be familiar, other components will be per your request and there will be NEW opportunities.

My biggest priority is ensuring communication is visible, easily assessable, and transparent. While in the past we have had families use the REMIND app, after gathering feedback, it has not been consistent across the board with parents and youth. Starting this year, we will be using the app called GroupMe. You will want to download this onto your phone. This app will allow to have a separate thread for parents, teens/youth to have their own chat and a combination chat. This also gives us a chance to have longer messages and not a restriction of characters.

One thing I would ask is if you know of anyone who would be willing to volunteer to lead any Sundays of formation, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Specifically, if you know of any young adults in college that may be able to assist. Or if your youth is in high school and you want to volunteer for junior high formation or vice versa.

On August 8th, 2022 it is Step Up Sunday at 10:30am service and we will be having a B2SC “Back To School Bash” for all youth and parents. From 5pm-7pm at Dayspring, the event will feature parent & youth discussions about the upcoming year, chances to learn about 2022-2023 events, an overview of the small and big activities for the year, and of course, food. It is highly encouraged you and your youth to come, even if you can not make it the whole time. (And yes, siblings can attend that are not in junior or senior high).

Your Next Actions:

(1) Register HERE for your QR communication code

(2) Sign up HERE for Back To School Bash

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